The A Team: A Forgotten Realms Story

Smoke on the Horizon

Session 1 - Preamble

As the famed dragonslayers of Phandelver, which you may have exaggerated as being more than a just a young dragon, the Harpers guild has offered a large sum of money to look into the rumors of dragon activity in Greenest and "handle it". Gundren Rockseeker, your handler/leader, has negotiated a fine set of terms and accepted the deal. Gundren sets out that night, telling you all to follow the following morning as he plans to meet up with one of the Harper Agents outside Greenest.

At dawn, the group sets out with provisions and a wagon.

The town of Greenest was founded by the halfling Dharva Scatterheart, a rogue who fancied herself the queen of the Greenfields. Scatterheart passed away without ever achieving that level of eminence, but her town grew into a thriving community. Its success isn’t surprising, since Greenest is the only town of any size astride the Uldoon Trail, the most direct road between the eastern cities of the Dragon Coast, Cormyr, and Sembia with the Coast Way running south to the great cities of Amn, Tethyr, and far Calimshan. The trade caravans that pass through Greenest bring gold to the town’s merchants and craftsfolk, and Governor Nighthill runs the town at the behest of the inhabitants.



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